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Welcome to Youth Are Bigger Than Life

Creating pioneers for tomorrow's leaders

"Youth Are Bigger than Life" is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower underprivileged youth in the heart of Detroit through education. Our primary goal is to equip young individuals with essential social, economic, and professional skills.

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Eight Years & Counting

Our mission is twofold: first, to decrease dropout rates within the Detroit Public Schools System, and second, to empower underprivileged youth by nurturing their social, economic, and professional aptitude. We aspire to establish a strong foundation for these young individuals by instilling discipline, fostering positive coping skills, and offering an engaging after-school program that provides a recreational outlet. Our aim is to minimize the time spent on destructive behaviors and deter involvement in gang activities, ensuring a brighter future for our youth.

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We hold the belief that offering guidance and serving as a positive influence for young individuals is a crucial tool for reshaping the perspectives of today's youth.

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For Youth

Open to individuals aged 12-18 with parental consent, we invite those who are eager to enact positive change in their lives and communities.

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Our organization is crafted with the intention of nurturing holistic development in individuals, equipping them for a successful future. Our program encompasses the provision of tutors and college preparation support, while also emphasizing the significance of promoting a healthy lifestyle among our youth and adults.

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Get ready for an unforgettable evening of laughter and charity with Youth Are Bigger Than Life and Detroit's very own Marvin Skipper!


Join us for the first-ever Youth Are Bigger Than Life Charity Comedy Show, featuring the hilarious Comic J. Will, T. Barb, and Ant Gee. Hosted by the incredible Josh Adams with beats by DJ Marathon, it's a night you won't want to miss!

Come out and support our future leaders through the YAB organization on Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 7:30 pm inside the historic Strand Theater. For more information and tickets, visit Let's laugh together and make a difference! #YABTL #DetroitComedy #CharityEvent"

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Want to be part of the impact?

You can easily contribute to our goal of raising $100,000 for community improvement by scanning the QR code with Cash App. Your donation to 'Youth Are Bigger than Life' will directly impact the lives of underprivileged youth in Detroit, empowering them for a brighter future. 

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• (313) 363-6461 
Our Approach
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Our comprehensive approach includes a wide array of services, such as educational and recreational field trips, one-on-one tutoring, interactive academic and financial workshops, guidance on healthy meal planning, and mentorship programs.

We are deeply committed to helping youth discover and harness their unique strengths, enabling them to build a foundation for a prosperous future.

We're excited about our
comprehensive approach

Of Detroit Youth Served

The Team

Meet Our Team.

Our dedicated team at 'Youth Are Bigger than Life' is a diverse group of passionate individuals, united by a shared commitment to empowering the youth of Detroit. With a wealth of experience in education, mentorship, and community development, our team brings a holistic approach to youth empowerment. We are driven by a common goal: to inspire and guide the next generation towards success. Meet the heart and soul behind our mission – a team dedicated to making a lasting impact in our community.

Meet the President/CEO, Skip

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The Founder

Meet Skipper, a former all-start basketball player at Eastern Michigan University with an incredible story of resilience and determination. Skipper's life took a turn when he faced heart issues, leading to the installation of a cardiac pacemaker. This pivotal moment not only changed his path but also inspired him to create "Youth Are Bigger Than Life."


During his time on the basketball court, Skipper was a valued member of a team where he faced adversity head-on. The locker room still bears his name, a testament to his enduring presence and influence. 

Skipper's upbringing in a single-parent household in Detroit's east side, near Six Mile and I-75, was far from easy. His family experienced a series of unfortunate incidents, including the discovery of a body in their backyard and arson next door. Despite these hardships, Skipper emerged as a tough and protective individual, helping him cope with life's trials.

Skipper's impact on the team is undeniable, and his community continues to support and admire how he spurred his dreams into action. His journey serves as a profound lesson for everyone around him, reminding them that tomorrow is not guaranteed. Skipper's story is one of resilience, inspiration, and the unwavering belief that, created "Youth Are Bigger Than Life."

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